What you should know about home sales and prices

Nashville is poised to break records once again this summer, and we’re not just talking temperatures.

According to the latest RE/MAX National Housing Report, the median home selling price in April reached $450,000.

At the start of 2022, the median home price had just surpassed $400,000. The new report notes that the median selling price is now $451,750.

While transactions have fallen by almost 4% over the last year, the housing stock has increased by more than 12%. But Nashville could always use more.

Here’s how homebuyers, realtors, and local officials navigate Nashville’s hot housing market.

Looking to buy your first home in Middle Tennessee—and stay on budget?

Although real estate prices have risen to unprecedented levels in many of the prime locations around Middle Tennessee, there are still more affordable options if you’re willing to expand your location parameters. Here’s what first-time home buyers should know.

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Brokers resort to telling the “brutal truth” to out-of-state buyers

Out-of-state buyers are flocking to Middle Tennessee, but many are moving in that direction expecting the same affordability and pace of buying they heard about years ago, forcing real estate agents to exercise a certain “brutal” honesty with potential buyers Helping buyers refocus. Expectations.

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