Bailard launches development-focused multi-family real estate funds


The Bailard Multifamily Fund, LP (“BMF”) will focus on building Class A Attainable units with premium amenities in underserved growth markets across the country. The BMF intends to capitalize on the lack of affordable rental housing for workers in the United States. Demographic and economic trends are resulting in significant unmet demand from middle earners for newer, quality rental units, which Bailard firmly believes creates a compelling opportunity for new development. The Fund will target “ABCD” markets, which have the following characteristics, among others:

  • affordability

  • Entrepreneur-friendly environment

  • academic degree

  • Demographic strength and excellent growth metrics

“The past two years have had a tremendous impact on housing markets across the country, particularly for renters,” said Preston Sargent, president and CEO of the Bailard Real Estate Fund and head of Bailard Real Estate. “Bailard’s team of investment professionals is launching this fund to provide access to a significant and actionable opportunity for investors and believes it will also provide societal benefits by creating more affordable housing opportunities for Americans who need them. Increasing access to quality housing at moderate prices is even more important as rising mortgage rates crowd out potential first-time homebuyers.”

Preston Sargent and Tess Gruenstein, who have over 40 years’ investment experience, will serve as co-portfolio managers of the Bailard Multifamily Fund. The BMF builds on the strong track record of multifamily development within the company’s existing flagship core fund. The BMF-targeted multi-family homes will include a number of desirable amenities, including a community pool, fitness center, clubhouse with business center, and a variety of energy-efficient features to improve tenant satisfaction and environmental benefits.

“Through the fundamental multi-family developments undertaken by the team to date, we have seen the returns this strategy can offer our investors, coupled with the strong demand for this type of development in the ‘ABCD’ markets across the country,” stated Tess Gruenstein, Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Portfolio Management at Bailard. “This new fund leverages our existing expertise and gives our investors the opportunity to gain greater exposure to the asset class with a different risk profile than our core fund.”

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About Bailard Real Estate

The unwavering mission of the Bailard real estate investment team is to deliver superior performance through uncovering value, focusing on acquisition fundamentals and actively managing each property throughout its lifecycle. Bailard has more than 40 years of real estate investing experience and – during this broad swing – has experienced five complete real estate market cycles. The size and structure of the team allows him to be nimble, flexible and opportunistic in executing his investment and portfolio management strategies. Bailard prides itself on providing transparency and superior customer service to its diverse client base, which includes both institutions and individuals.

About Bailard, Inc.

Founded in 1969, Bailard is an independent wealth management firm serving individuals, families and institutions alike. Bailard has a long track record of wealth management for national and international equities, fixed income and private real estate, as well as solid in-house ESG expertise. In all of this – and consistent with its core principles and strong ESG mentality – Bailard works with clients to align their financial goals with their values.

With over $5 billion in assets under management as of March 31, 2022, Bailard is an employee-dominated, women-owned company and a signatory to the Responsible Investment Principles (PRI). A values-driven company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bailard has its own private non-profit foundation and is deeply committed to its core values ​​of accountability, compassion, courage, excellence, fairness and independence.


Bailard, Inc. (“Bailard”) is the investment manager of Bailard Multifamily Fund, LP (the “Fund”) and the investment and operations manager of Bailard Real Estate Investment Trust, Inc. (the “Bailard Real Estate Fund”). Bailard receives annual fees from the Funds based on net asset value. The Funds invest primarily in real estate and as such an investment in the Fund involves significant risks normally associated with the development and ownership of income producing real estate, including illiquidity, Changes in supply and demand and inaccurate valuation Shares and holdings will fluctuate in value and may be illiquid due to a lack of redemption, secondary market and transfer restrictions Fees and expenses may erode the return on investment The Fund may be leveraged While those used for acquisitions Forward-looking statements are based on assumptions that Bailard makes under the circumstances deems reasonable, they are subject to uncertainties, changes (eg. B. changes in public health, economic, operational, political, legal, tax and other circumstances) and other risks, including but not limited to future operating results, including rents, occupancy and other real estate cash flows and other expenses.

The launch date of the Bailard Real Estate Fund is April 20, 1990. The Bailard Multifamily Fund, LP is a new private real estate fund formed by Bailard, Inc., a California corporation, to seek investment in multi-family residential real estate projects in the United States to ease states. The Bailard Multifamily Fund, LP is formed as a Delaware Limited Partnership. Bailard Real Estate 2022 GP LLC, a newly incorporated Delaware Limited Liability Company (the “General Partner”) will act as general partner of the Fund; and Bailard, as investment manager, will manage the fund’s investment process and day-to-day activities. Investors will join the Fund as limited partners pursuant to the terms and conditions contained in the Fund’s April 2022 confidential private placement memorandum. This does not constitute an offer. Shares of either Fund, if offered, would only be offered for sale by qualified investors. This announcement is qualified in its entirety by a definitive confidential offering memorandum or a private placement memorandum, as applicable, and any offer or solicitation is made only by means of a definitive confidential offering memorandum and is subject to the terms and conditions contained in each memorandum from time to time. The Fund’s securities may not be offered in all countries.

It should not be assumed that future recommendations will be profitable or will perform as described herein. For a more detailed discussion of the risks involved in investing in any of the Funds, please read its memorandum, including the relevant risk factors sections. Past performance is not a guide to future results. All investments are subject to the risk of loss.

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