How location, infrastructure ensure profitable real estate investments –

In most human activities, location is the ace of success. For example, in real estate, location means everything, which explains why some real estate projects succeed while others fail, depending on what type of location they prefer. A good location is always an antidote to the success of real estate companies.

Infrastructure is another important factor in the success or failure of real estate projects. The availability of infrastructure – good road network, water and electricity supply – presupposes success in living and investing in a particular real estate project. Successful investing means a good return on investment (ROI).

Because a real estate project that combines a good location and not only existing, but also good infrastructure is not only an apt definition of success, but also an attractive destination for living and investing.

Many real estate projects have used these factors to assert themselves well in the market. These factors, particularly location, have now become more important as many young home seekers are prioritizing location for their real estate needs.

One of these real estate companies in Nigeria, which attaches great importance to location and infrastructure when considering projects, is Propertymart – developer of The Meadows.

A smart development, The Meadows is also described by its promoters as a sanctuary where scenic beauty and a sense of belonging combine to create a community to be proud to call home. It is also considered a sanctuary where architecture blends with nature to offer a comfortable and convenient life.

The project, located on a sprawling 79-hectare land area, is set to become one of the smartest master plan communities in the Lekki Coastal Region. It hopes to provide around 1,000 homes for an estimated 5,000 residents. The Meadows offers a lifestyle that will inspire its residents to succeed.

The development, also known as Lagos Meadows, is an exclusive location and service development with a luxury lifestyle design concept. It is a well thought out project with all the essential amenities and infrastructures that guarantee an individual lifestyle to its stakeholders.

The Meadows is located in what is believed to be the fastest developing area in Lagos in particular and Nigeria in general. It is located in a developed area of ​​the Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ) known as Magbon Alade and enjoys close proximity to the Eleko Beach junction and is approximately four minutes drive from Amen Estate.

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Magbon Alade in Ibeju-Lekki gives The Meadows a strategic location. The area is considered to be the next hotspot in Lagos State, particularly in terms of development. It has become one of the most desirable locations for real estate developers, investors and other industry professionals. This area is mostly residential with some commercial centers in it. Magbon Alade is a developed area and its proximity to the Dangote Refinery is an added benefit.

Bonds, government securities and most corporate stocks are no longer attractive and profitable asset classes, leaving real estate as the only viable option

Within this location are landmark projects and institutions such as Eleko Beach, The Magbon Police Station, Magbon Alade Magistrate Court, Magbon Post Office, Jara Beach Resort, retail outlets, hotels etc. Due to the currently visible level of development, this is a prime location within the area.

The proximity to the LFTZ is a great advantage. The LFTZ is a spectacular large-scale project promoted by a partnership between Nigeria and the Chinese government to boost economic ties between the two countries. Experts say being within a free trade zone is a rare privilege for a project. The Meadows by Propertymart enjoys this privilege.

This privileged location, the promoters say, now more than ever offers a viable investment when savvy investors are looking for investment opportunities to protect their money against inflation.

Nigeria’s economy is at a crossroads. Macroeconomic indices don’t look jubilant. A situation when interest rates on bank deposits are the lowest and the inflation rate (May) is up to 17.77 percent does not encourage saving, since the value of money decreases almost daily.

Bonds, government securities and most corporate stocks are no longer attractive and profitable asset classes, leaving real estate as the only viable option. As an asset class, real estate offers good protection against an inflationary phase, which entails enormous investment risk.

However, experts advise that investors must use common sense, which requires investments to follow location, good infrastructure and major developments such as the LFTZ.

According to government sources, the LFTZ is a vital and integral part of what is now known as the New Lekki or New Lagos Development Plan and the Lagos Metropolis Blueprint that was launched by the Lagos State Government a few years ago.

Regarded as the largest in West Africa, the FTZ offers world-class infrastructure and amenities including the seaport; a power plant (an independent power plant with a capacity of 12 MW); good road networks; aquatic plant; Lagos State Golf Course and the Natural Gas Pipeline.

Other FTZ facilities include a railroad, dry bulk feeder, sewage treatment plant, recreation/resort facilities, a Class A hospital for staff medical care provided by St. Nicholas Hospital, and mass transit facilities.

At The Meadows, the saying goes “if you tell me your neighbors, I’ll tell you who you are”. The close neighbors of this project are exclusive institutions and iconic projects such as Greenspring School, Corona School, Pan-African University Campus, Magbon Magistrates Court, Magbon Police Station, Proposed Lekki Airport, Dangote Refinery, Kellogg’s Nigeria, Eleko Beach , Chaka Resort and Jara Beach Resort.

These are complemented by world-class infrastructure and amenities including a community center, bike track, swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, basketball court, 5v5 soccer field, jogging track, children’s playground, WIFI towers, gym in the Outdoors and a park furniture, water treatment plant, green energy and sewage treatment plant.

Besides location and infrastructure, promoters say there are other reasons for people to buy and be part of a project that has great promise for its stakeholders. They add that the area dubbed The Meadows has many upcoming developments, making it a popular area for real estate developers and potential investors.

“Ibeju-Lekki is conveniently located near world-class development projects such as the approximately $9 billion Dangote Refinery, the New International Airport, Lekki Golf Course, the Pan-Atlantic University, the Lagos-Kano Railway, the Lekki Free Trade Zone and the Deep Seaport,” said Hakeem Bakare, General Manager of Propertymart.

There’s also what the GM called a return on investment, stating that ongoing developments in this axis have made it a prime location for real estate investors. Because the location can almost guarantee returns of up to 300 percent within a certain period of time. “Many refer to the investment in Ibeju Lekki as a gold mine,” he said.

Hakeem revealed that there are ongoing plans by the Lagos State Government to make the Lekki-Epe Expressway a 10-lane road to connect with other main roads in Ikorodu, Itokin and Ijebu-Ode, stressing that Ibeju- Lekki, arguably one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Lagos State with a good number of opulent properties completed and under construction. This has also led to the plan to expand the road network in the area for better accessibility.

The Meadows is offering both residential and commercial lots to interested buyers and according to the General Manager a 500 square meter residential lot is being sold for N15million while commercial lots are available on request. Plots can be secured with a minimum deposit of N3.75m for an installment plan.

Committing to a high land value guaranteeing a return on investment (ROI) of up to 40 percent, Bakare describes the property as a secure and well planned residential community with first class facilities and infrastructure in a prime location

“The Meadows has a low purchase price; enjoys proximity to leisure/tourist, retail areas and air/sea ports; it is located in the fastest growing region of Nigeria and has an available expatriate apartment rental market; All of these are good reasons for investors to take advantage of the opportunity at hand,” he said.

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