TROT’s unique Flexspace marketplace is revolutionizing the NYC real estate industry

TROT connects building owners with vacancies directly with companies looking for flexible office space

NEW YORK, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TROT, the commercial real estate marketplace, today announced the launch of its online platform dedicated to making flex workspaces better for everyone. Through TROT’s easy-to-use platform, building owners can list available office space, while “trotters” – those looking for flexible office space – can easily search a wide range of locations, building classes and amenities to find a space that works best for short-term you.

“TROT offers the ease of renting a vacation home or calling a ride to the commercial real estate market. We believe the flexible space opportunity should be simple, transparent and as beneficial to owners as it is to businesses,” said TROT Founder and CEO. David Menaged. “We are helping building owners to finally participate in the flex space revolution by connecting them directly with the occupants of the space and creating new opportunities for both parties. TROT enables companies to find and book flexible office space that reflects their evolving relationship with owners. Our technology-driven approach provides owners and businesses with a trusted marketplace that unifies the way flexible space is marketed, managed and booked.”

Menaged founded TROT in 2020 in direct response to pandemic-related issues facing the commercial real estate industry and to recognize the growth opportunities for owners participating in this space. As the nation recovers from the unprecedented times of the past two years, current workplace movements and talent-focused hiring practices continue to challenge the notion of the traditional workplace and traditional office space. In order to find your way in this new professional landscape, 73 percent of companies plan to support a hybrid working model. With experts predicting that 30 percent of commercial real estate will be flex-leasing by 2030, compared to the 2% it is today, the opportunity in the flex market is significant.

In response to this increased demand, TROT enables building owners to fill vacant spaces and fully own their Flex Space offering. The platform streamlines the process, eliminates previous challenges and shows owners that offering flexible space directly can be truly flexible for all parties and a crucial tool to position parts of their building for the evolving needs of users well into the future .

While traditional coworking spaces are more likely to offer a solution through their managed portfolio, TROT acts as an independent marketplace that connects all building owners looking to maximize their commercial real estate with all types of businesses looking for flexible spaces. Owners can sign up for free, list as many or as few spaces as they like and have complete price control.

Similarly, Trotters can find office space that suits their needs by simply searching using the platform’s various filters to view and book available Flex Spaces at three-month intervals with optimized license agreements. Whether a start-up or a global company opening a new hub, TROT’s marketplace includes a diverse portfolio to meet the needs of every trotter. The listings include detailed descriptions, photographs, floor plans and virtual tours of the spaces to help you find the right office for you. TROT eliminates the middlemen, including third-party providers and management solutions, to give businesses and owners a fairer deal, and allows building owners to communicate directly with businesses through the platform for a transparent and efficient process.

In addition to helping companies find the right flexible space, TROT also offers additional services for companies booking a flexible space, including the ability to set up rooms, set up technologies such as WiFi and phones, and take out liability insurance for the premises through their shop steward partner network. Partners will deliver prior to moving in, helping to create a seamless experience for owners and trotters alike.

TROT is currently available at over 16 locations NYC and surrounding areas, with more entries being published every day, and plans to expand geographically over the next 6-12 months.

To learn more about TROT, list vacancies, or search for office space, please visit and connect via social media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About TROT

Founded in 2020 by experienced new York real estate agent David Menaged, TROT is a commercial real estate marketplace dedicated to making flex space better for everyone. The platform helps building owners seize the opportunity to fill vacancies and increase profits – and businesses to find and book flexible office space that meets their evolving needs. TROT acts as an independent platform that connects all building owners looking to maximize their commercial real estate with all types of businesses looking for flexible spaces. This technology-driven approach unifies the way flexible space is managed and booked, creating a trusted marketplace for owners and businesses. To learn more about TROT, visit

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