Primary Games: Discover How Kids Can Learn With This Site

Primary Games Ltd. is an established software firm that creates games of the highest mathematical caliber. They aim to make teaching and learning mathematics to be fun.

Its Interactive Resources platform contains Maths Packs, Primary Games, and Teaching Series resources. Discover the activities you can ask your students to do with the games created by Primary Games Ltd. below.

  • What Is Primary Games Ltd?
  • Is Interactive Resources Free?
  • How Can You Create An Account On Interactive Resources?
  • What Are The Content Of The Interactive Resources?
  • What Are The Primary Apps?
  • Why Do You Need To Sign in Twice On Interactive Resources?
Primary Games: Discover How Kids Can Learn With This Site
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What Is Primary Games Ltd?

Primary Games Ltd. is a reputable software company that has been in business for more than 20 years and has a history of developing games of the highest possible mathematical standard. 

Primary Games: Discover How Kids Can Learn With This Site
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Its current Managing Director, Mark Cogan, is a former educator with great expertise in the classroom and a particular interest in mathematics. He established the company in the year 2000.

The Maths Pack Series was given the coveted BETT award for “Best Educational Primary Software.” This award recognizes outstanding educational software. 10,000 schools in the United Kingdom, as well as schools all over the United States, Japan, and Australia, now use these and succeeding titles.


The company’s objective has always been to supply educators and students with fun, engaging, interactive, and simple exercises. These are all qualities that improve mathematical instruction and comprehension.

What Is The Interactive Resources?

Currently, the Primary Games Series can be played through the Interactive Resources Online platform. These games or activities are designed to help the teachers find fun resources for their students to enjoy learning math. 

They can find over 500 maths games and tools for the whole class on Interactive Resources. The platform is now an all-for-one website wherein you can access all of the Maths Packs, Primary Games, and Teaching Series materials online.


You can also find resources easily by keyword, age group, topic, or software and put them in folders, so they are easy to find. Moreover, you’ll be allowed to set up logins for each class so that students can access teacher-made folders at school and at home. 

Is Interactive Resources Free?

Primary Games Ltd offers Interactive Resources in various subscription plans, which are not free. Three plans are available for Interactive Resources: Small School Site License, Whole School Site License, and 1 Class License. 

Primary Games: Discover How Kids Can Learn With This Site
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A Small School Site License is ideal for schools with up to five teachers who can access the site from school and home. There’s only a maximum of five logins for teachers and classes to access the available math resources. The Small School Site License costs £99+VAT per year. 

Meanwhile, Whole School Site License allows unlimited teacher and class logins available at school and at home. It is best for schools with a large number of teachers. One can get the Whole School Site License for £149+VAT, which is already good for 12 months. 

Lastly, individuals who want to try the content and resources available on the Interactive Resources can get the 1 Class License. This subscription plan is only £149+VAT/year. This plan will allow one account to log in as a teacher and one as a class or child. 

Is There A Free Trial On The Interactive Resources?

There’s a way to test the Interactive Resources first. It allows up to 14 days of the free trial, wherein you must create an account on the website.  Once you click ‘Submit,’ you will be taken to the Administrator Page.

To start using the site, you must create a teacher login. During the trial, you can only make one teacher login. A full subscription allows the creation of unlimited teacher logins. You must log in as a teacher to access all our resources and fantastic activities.

How Can You Create An Account On Interactive Resources?

You will be asked to provide user details, address, and account details to sign up. The site will prompt you to provide your school name, contact tiles (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Miss, or Dr.), first name, last name, and job title. 

Primary Games: Discover How Kids Can Learn With This Site
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You must also enter your complete address on the Interactive Resources site. It will need your address, city, country, and postal code. 

You only have to give your email address and intended password for account details. You need to enter the password twice. It must also have an uppercase, lowercase and special character to be accepted on the site.

How Can You Create The Teacher’s Login Account?

If you have successfully created an account, checked the overview, and logged in again, you can now explore the “School Dashboard.” Next, you must set up a teacher login to access the resources and create personalized folders. 

To create a teacher login, the site asks you to provide the teacher’s name, email address, and password. It reminds you to remember the login details as the account is not retrievable, especially when you are just using the free trial version. It is best not to use made-up login credentials.

The teacher will get an email containing their login information, and once they have logged in, they will have the option to change their password if they so choose.

What Are The Content Of The Interactive Resources? 

Once you have logged in as a teacher, you can easily access the available resources on Interactive Resources. You can choose whether to search for an activity using a keyword or by year.

Primary Games: Discover How Kids Can Learn With This Site
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The Interactive Resources site provides the content, including Maths Packs, Primary Games, and Teaching Series. For Maths Packs, you may select from any of the packs: Early Years, Maths Packs 1 to 5.

There are also ten volumes of the Primary Games. In addition to the many games, there’s a separate title entitled I have…Who Has? And Mathster Mind. 

Meanwhile, the Teaching Series focuses on various mathematical concepts, such as time, tables, money, fractions, and measures. It will be easy for you to find resources depending on the grade level of your students and the topic you’re planning to teach. 

What Can You Find Inside The Packs?

Once you’ve chosen a pack, the site will display all the related content and activity. For example, Maths Pack 1 contains the following activities. 

  • Equivalent Fraction Diagram
  • Number Line (Whole numbers)
  • Whole Class Clock
  • Estimate
  • Angle Drag
  • Random Angles
  • Angles on a Straight Line
  • Coordinates
  • Reflect
  • Horizontal Drag Stick
  • Vertical Drag Stick
  • Place Value Cards
  • Place Valu Cards (Decimals)
  • Number Magnets
  • Number Paint
  • Multiplication Pain

There are also instructions on what the students will do with each category. If you ask them to do the Equivalent Fraction Diagram, here’s what they’re tasked to accomplish.  The controls for each fraction strip are denoted by a series of letters printed on the fraction strip itself. 

The fraction that makes up each equal component can be shown or hidden if you click the question mark button. If you click the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons, the proportion of equal pieces on the relevant strip will rise or decrease. All controls will be hidden by clicking the “Hide” button, allowing students to concentrate on a more narrowly defined screen region.

What Are The Primary Apps?

Besides the interactive resources’ main content, apps are available on the platform. These Primary Apps are an additional interactive and gamified method of teaching math to your students. Currently, there are 12 Primary Apps available to be used by the students. 

  • Times Tables Karate
  • Splat Squares
  • Digit Dilemma (Addition & Subtraction)
  • Power Lines
  • Times Table Mountain
  • Rotating Rockets
  • Number Frame
  • iR Telling Time
  • Knockout Square
  • Fraction Boats
  • Billy Bug
  • Mission Addition
Primary Games: Discover How Kids Can Learn With This Site
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There’s also an overview of how these apps can help you or your students improve their mathematical knowledge. For example, Times Tables Karate is a wonderful way to practice multiplication tables for grade 4.

Verify your knowledge of Progress through the Times Tables to earn Belts. While you are unwinding in the Meditation Room, you can investigate the various graphic depictions of the Times Tables Facts. During a Timed Training session, you should concentrate on certain facts only.

What Are The Primary Apps Your Students Can Play?

Power Lines, a popular math puzzle game from Primary Games, is now available as an app. The power cells have to go in circles so that all the numbers in a straight line add up to the power line total. 

Unlock levels to get to Level 17, which is the hardest level. Power Lines is a fun and exciting game that helps people of all ages learn how to add and use math to solve problems.

The iR Telling Time app makes it easy and fun for kids to learn how to read the time. At different levels, you can: Set the analog clock to the time given in words, such as “half past” and “quarter to/past” 

Why Do You Need To Sign in Twice On Interactive Resources?

New Interactive Resources users tend to ask, “why do I have to sign in twice?” When you sign up for a trial for the first time, you set up an “administrator” account. 

Primary Games: Discover How Kids Can Learn With This Site
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With the administrator account, schools can set up multiple teacher accounts, order or renew a subscription, and set up accounts for more than one teacher. To get to the resources, you need to make a teacher login from the administrator account.

Moreover, the teacher login will allow you to set up a student login using the active address of your students. Students can see all the materials and teacher folders but can’t change them or add them.

How Can You Create Folders On Interactive Resources?

Teachers can make folders to keep track of their favorite activities or to plan lessons. Before a resource or activity can be put in a folder, a folder must first be made. Folders can be visible or hidden from students.

To add resources to your folders, assign the task to the folder you want. It is suggested that teachers keep their favorite materials in personal folders so that they are easy to find.

Many math teachers put games in math folders that students can use at school or home. For example, a teacher might call a folder “Homework Week 1” and put activities in it for students to do at home.


Check out Interactive Resources, where you can access over 500 student-friendly arithmetic activities. Maths Packs, Primary Games, and Teaching Series resources are now available on the platform.