These Are the Amazing Yachts of the World’s Rich and Famous

Luxury yachts represent not only money but also power. Because superstars — whether in entertainment, sports, or business — have both, owning a yacht becomes a matter of status among the extremely wealthy.

Celebrity yachts are comparable to those possessed by prominent royals or political figures worldwide. They all radiate luxury through their design and facilities and have some of the greatest security systems. Check out some highly luxurious yachts owned by famous people.


These Are the Amazing Yachts of the World’s Rich and Famous

Cyan – The Edge

Guitarist The Edge and singer Bono of U2 were spotted enjoying a vacation on the Cyan in Ibiza in September 2021. The Edge reportedly purchased the superyacht in 2008 for GBP 12 million (between USD 17 to 20 million at the time). Morleigh Steinberg, his wife at the time of the acquisition, renovated it.

These Are the Amazing Yachts of the World’s Rich and Famous
Image Source: Burgess Yachts

Since her original construction in 1997, the Cyan has become one of the most recognizable celebrity yachts in the world, thanks to its distinctive black hull. The 48.7-meter-long yacht boasts six plush cabins with a total capacity of 12. The main-level master suite is where you’ll find it.


The yacht provides numerous opportunities for leisure and amusement. We have more than 1,500 movies and an outdoor screen three meters in size. Anyone interested in participating in water sports will find various toys in the Cyan.

Dragonfly – Sergey Brin

It’s thought that the Google co-founder purchased the yacht in 2009. The Dragonfly, so called because it was one of the tech giant’s projects to deliver a filtered search engine to China, is one of the most fuel-efficient ships in the world at 73.3 meters in length.

These Are the Amazing Yachts of the World’s Rich and Famous
Image Source: Yacht Harbour

Like any celebrity boat, the Dragonfly is equipped with high-end conveniences. As part of Brin’s Global Support and Development (GSD) team, which consists of ex-military men, it has played a significant role in disaster relief missions, for which it is internationally known and regarded.


While Hurricane Pam was wreaking havoc on Vanuatu in 2015, the boat reportedly delivered 62 metric tons of fresh water to the island. More than 250 patients were treated on board, and it was also involved in life-or-death medical evacuations. The crew of the Dragonfly contributed to the construction of homes in the island’s communities. GSD was initiated with that mission.

Eclipse – Roman Abramovich

The most well-known name in the world of superyacht ownership is likely Roman Abramovich, a Russian businessman and former owner of the English Premier League club Chelsea FC. The market puts its price at close to $1.6 billion right now.

These Are the Amazing Yachts of the World’s Rich and Famous
Image Source: Gibraltar Yachting / YouTube

The ship was constructed in Germany by Blohm+Voss, and the interior was designed by the world-famous British firm Terence Disdale Design. The interiors of this beach mansion are decorated in exquisite Art Deco style. The ultra-luxurious suites on the ship’s nine decks can accommodate 36 passengers, and the ship’s crew of 100 will see to their every need.

The main deck features a 16-meter pool with a blue granite bottom, which is only one of the numerous highlights. The pool can be converted into a deck-level dance floor with the touch of a button. It is possible to bring three helicopters aboard the megayacht. The master suite of the Eclipse is protected by bulletproof windows and a missile detection system.

Eos – Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller

Among the largest sailing boats, the Eos measures 93 meters in length. The stunning ship, constructed by Lürssen in 2006, is essentially a three-masted schooner driven by a 1,740 kW MTU engine. At its top speed of 16 knots, Eos is quite fast.

These Are the Amazing Yachts of the World’s Rich and Famous
Image Source: CharterWorld

In 2009, the Eos was purchased by the duo of Belgian fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and American businessman husband, Barry Diller. The yacht’s interior design remains a mystery.

White furnishings contrast with brown wood paneling, and a wooden staircase leads to an upper deck in the photos. The Eos can host as many as fourteen passengers with its seven luxurious cabins. A 4.2-meter-tall mural of the world, crafted by Hand Made Maps Ltd., is also rumored to be present.

Great White – Rafael Nadal

In 2020, on his 34th birthday, the tennis pro bought himself a yacht and gave it the name Great White. It was constructed by Sunreef Boats in Poland and shipped to Nadal’s home port of Mallorca, Spain. At 23.95 meters in length, it is one of the world’s largest and most luxurious yachts.  The Great White is a Sunreef 80′ Power catamaran consisting of two hulls.

These Are the Amazing Yachts of the World’s Rich and Famous
Image Source: Yachting Art Magazine

Nadal personally designed the yacht’s luxurious interior. The yacht’s 371.6 square meters of living space is dominated by the Spaniard’s favorite colors: beige, coffee, and cream. An expansive main saloon leads out to the patio in the front. Guests may soak in the sun on the Great White’s flybridge, which also features a wet bar and a BBQ.

A spa pool with a waterfall is also available. There are four spacious guest cabins on board for a total of 10 passengers. Nadal’s main-deck suite features a fold-out balcony and a skylight in the ceiling. The Great White has a private garage where its owner can store their assortment of water toys, including jet skis, much like any other luxury yacht.

Maìn – Giorgio Armani

Codecasa built the Man in 2008 and has the unique distinction of having been co-designed by its owner. In any case, given that the proprietor is none other than Giorgio Armani, one of the most iconic figures in the history of fashion, this is no surprise.

These Are the Amazing Yachts of the World’s Rich and Famous
Image Source: BOAT International

The Main’s design is unparalleled. It is one of the most beautiful yachts ever built, and its dark green color is a useful disguise while sailing. Armani and Studio Dellarole, and Ortelli meticulously designed the yacht’s interiors. The yacht measures 65 meters in length.

The rooms and the main lounge are all decorated in a monochromatic color scheme that is complemented with touches of Asian design, such as low tables inspired by Japanese culture. Armani and his company have designed and manufactured drapes, windows, and furnishings. Each of the seven suites can accommodate 12 possible guests.

Privacy – Tiger Woods

The legendary golfer often cruises with his crew on board the Privacy, one of the most renowned celebrity boats. The 2019 PGA Championship was held at Long Island, and Woods, who was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in March 2022, stayed on it for the 2018 US Open at Shinnecock Hills and the 2006 US Open at Winged Foot.

These Are the Amazing Yachts of the World’s Rich and Famous
Image Source: USA Today

In 2004, Woods bought Privacy. His purchase price for the 48-meter ship was equivalent to $20 million. It can sleep ten people in its five cabins. One of its most alluring high-end features is a jacuzzi on the deck, which can accommodate as many as eight people. A bar and a movie theater are available for guests’ relaxation needs.

While on board the Privacy, Woods can keep up with his workout program thanks to the yacht’s onboard gym. As for watercraft, you may choose between jet skis, kayaks, and even motorized scooters—all of which have access to a decompression chamber.

Rising Sun – David Geffen

The Rising Sun is a celebrity superyacht that spans 138 meters in length. Geffen is a millionaire who started Geffen Records and DreamWorks Pictures and is noted for his affinity for luxury watercraft. Hollywood A-listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, and Chris Rock were among his guests after he purchased the Rising Sun.

These Are the Amazing Yachts of the World’s Rich and Famous
Image Source: SuperYacht Times

German shipbuilder Lürssen constructed the Rising Sun with an interior design by Seccombe Design. The fifth level is an owner-exclusive observation deck. The 18 guests who stay here will be treated to the hotel’s luxury.

Some guest rooms have doors that open directly onto the ship’s side decks, while the others are tucked away from the elements in recesses. The ship has a spa, a gym, a swimming platform, a helipad, and a theater with two stories. The Rising Sun has a speed of 30 knots and can cruise at 26 knots with ease.

Seven – David and Victoria Beckham

Power couple David and Victoria Beckham were spotted on the Seven in April 2022, just off the coast of Miami, Florida, enjoying time with their kids, parents, and friends. It was a family trip in preparation for the wedding of the couple’s eldest son, Brooklyn, to Nicola Peltz.

These Are the Amazing Yachts of the World’s Rich and Famous
Image Source: NAUTICA NEWS

After the jersey number of a famous English footballer, the Seven was built in 2021. This yacht is a member of the Riva 90′ Argo flybridge. The boat’s interior and appearance were designed by Mauro Micheli of Studio Officina Italiana Design, and Ferretti Engineering Department constructed the ship.

The forward deck is where you will find its sunbathing area. The main saloon, which the designers have dubbed the Crystal Palace, features a high, lacquered ceiling and enormous glass windows. Given that its aft deck is made up almost entirely of glass, the vista of the ocean seems to go on forever.

Y721 – Jeff Bezos

In February 2022, it was widely reported that Amazon’s millionaire founder, Jeff Bezos, had commissioned the largest boat in the world.

These Are the Amazing Yachts of the World’s Rich and Famous
Image Source: AppleInsider

The massive ship, designated Y721, measures 127 meters in length and is expected to set Bezos back about $500 million. Rotterdam, where Oceanco, a Dutch shipyard, is constructing it.

Like Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller’s sailing boat Eos, this one will have three decks and three huge masts. In addition to the crew, the Y721 will have room for 18 passengers once it is ready. In addition to a helicopter, jet skis and other small watercraft can also land there.


The owners’ discerning preferences create a luxury yacht’s stunning interior.  The apartments and cabins are decorated with exquisite taste, making them seem like they belong in the finest hotels. The boats’ designers intended for their owners and their guests to have a great time, as they provide ample space to do so.