Oracle billionaire’s $173 million fortune sets record in Florida

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Billionaire Larry Ellison, recently ranked the eighth richest person in the world by Forbes, spent $173 million of his fortune buying a Florida estate in Manalapan, a wealthy city south of Palm Beach. The transaction marks the largest home sale of all time in Florida.

Ellison bought the Ocean-to-Lake property — and part of nearby Bird Island — from a trust controlled by another software billionaire, Jim Clark. In total, the estate and its island measure more than 22 acres.

Ellison used a limited liability company to purchase the Manalapan property, according to the Palm Beach Daily News, part of the USA TODAY Network.

The country has been in the hands of the extremely rich for years. Clark bought the property in 2021 from the billionaire Ziff family, who made their fortunes in publishing and investing.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison gestures while delivering a keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco in this October 2, 2012 file photo.

Historically known as the Gemini, the property is bisected by a coastal road. The two parts of the main house — one overlooking the lake and the other overlooking the sea — are connected by a series of tunnels under the street, including one that serves as a foyer and art gallery.

With dense vegetation, the property has approximately 1,200 feet of beach frontage and approximately 1,300 feet of waterfront on the irregularly shaped side facing the Intracoastal Waterway.

The Ocean-to-Lake property, just sold for a record-breaking $173 million in Manalapan near Palm Beach, is outlined in red in the upper right of this aerial photo.

Together, the main house and several outbuildings offer almost 85,000 square feet of living space, indoors and out, with 33 bedrooms, 34 bathrooms and 13 powder rooms.

The park-like property includes a PGA standard golf driving range, regular tennis court, half basketball court, freshwater pond, 18-hole miniature golf course, boat dock, bird sanctuary and butterfly garden. All of these items were in place when Clark’s trustees bought the property.

So who is Larry Ellison? Here’s a look at the billionaire.

How rich is Larry Ellison?

On June 22, the day of the Florida sale’s deed, Forbes estimated the 77-year-old’s net worth at $93.6 billion.

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